Dwarf with Spade

By Martin Herfurt | Model added on September 21, 2018


This is a 3D-scan of a dwarf sculpture located in the dwarf garden of Mirabell Palace in Salzburg, Austria. The dwarf sculpture leans on a spade. This sculpture symbolizes the month of March, as this is the beginning of the gardening season.

Object Facts

Date of 3D scan: September 15, 2018
Physical location: 47.8052109, 13.0396065 (GPS coordinates)
Object Height: 134 cm
Object Material: Untersberg Marble
Estimated Object Volume: 185,003.19 cm³
Estimated Object Weight: 509 kg
Artists: Ottavio Mosto, Bernhard Michael Mandl
Year of Production: 1691-1692

3D-Model Facts

Number of Vertices: 3,543,812
Number of Faces: 7,087,620
Model File Size: 338 MB (.stl)